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Adjustable Foldable Laptop Stand

Adjustable Foldable Laptop Stand - Bridge X Culture

Adjustable Foldable Laptop Stand

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Protect your Spine and Get Work Done Comfortably.

              Do you sit in front of your laptop for hours and end up with serious back and neck pain? If so, you may be in need for a laptop stand. This adjustable and foldable laptop stand tilts the laptop slightly forward, which brings the screen closer for clearer and more comfortable viewing. Its sleek stand transforms any desk or table into an optimal, ergonomic workspace for laptop users.

Broad Capability: The laptop stand fits a variety of computers from 10 inches to 15.6 inches wide. It fits MacBook, HP, Sony, Dell, Toshiba, Samsung, Lenovo, and even Kindles. Due to its foldable nature this stand can easily be folded and stowed away in a laptop case.

Ergonomic Design: This stand works as a riser to elevate your laptop screen up to eye level. This helps fit your posture and works to reduce neck and back pain. This stand helps enable you to sit properly while supporting your body and reliving stiffness. The screen level will be raised for less eye strain.

Sturdy & Durable: This stylish stand is made from premium 100% aluminum alloy; creating a sturdy and supportive surface for you to work on. Six small anti-skid rubber pads are included to hold the laptop in a stable position. Two protective hooks at the bottom prevent your device from and scratches and sliding off the stand.

Adjustable Height: Choose the most comfortable angle for you. This stand includes six different adjustment angles between 15 and 45 degrees. Make the stand lower or higher depending on your needs. It also is a great way to elevate your laptop, so you have more space on your desk.

Ventilation: Aluminum absorbs, and discharges heat quickly and easily. Increase airflow with the open back design. This cools your laptop down quickly and provides more air flow than if it were laying flat on a table.

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